November 16, 2012

PICARD Research Announcement


CNES issues an international call for Guest Investigators on PICARD, a space mission that is dedicated to the observation of the Sun and its impact on climate change. This call is open to all scientists, and covers the use of existing data as well as the acquisition of new data.

The due date for proposal submissions is: 20 June 2012.

The proposals must be sent by email at: PICARD at

For inquiries related to this AO, please contact: Support-PICARD at

The Selection announcement is: end of September 2012.

    The Research Announcement
    The Preliminary Proposal Submission Form

    Access to Picard N1A data

    Within the framework of the Call for Guest Investigators, the N1A Picard data such as produced by the Mission Center ( CMSP) can be consulted during a period limited to 3 days, until the deadline of the Call for Guest Investigators.

    To ask for the data access, it is asked to you to send a message to Support-PICARD at

    We will then supply a login and a password to have access to the products, via the web site

    The access to the data during this period has the objective to give an idea of the Picard data capacity and help the answers to the G.I. Call. The consulted data can not be used for publication.

    Presentations of the scientific PICARD workshop held on April 10th, 2012 at CNES Paris

    The workshop presentations are available through its agenda.