October 2, 2015

Picard Scientific Workshop, September 25 to 26, 2013

The workshop gathered the Principal Investigators, the Co-Investigators, as well as the PICARD Guest Investigators. Its objective was to present the latest scientific results, to tackle some important technical problems for the scientific exploitation of the data, to identify some possible cooperations between laboratories, etc.

Some of the presentations are available in the agenda below.

Agenda of the Workshop

Wednesday 25th September

  • 09:30 Welcome
  • 10:00 A. Hauchecorne: PICARD Scientific objectives 
  • 10:25 M. Rouzé: The PICARD mission 
  • 10:50 P. Boumier: The MEDOC solar data centre 
  • 11:15 Coffee break
  • 11:35 M. Meftah: SODISM behaviour in flight 
  • 12:00 J.F. Hochedez: SODISM optical modelling 
  • 12:25 G. Cessateur: The PREMOS/PICARD Radiometer: An overview after 3 Years of Observations 
  • 12:50 Lunch break
  • 14:00 E. Janssen: The method to revise the absolute level of the DIARAD radiometer type 
  • 14:25 S. Dewitte: Revision of the absolute level of DIARAD radiometer type 
  • 14:50 Zhu Ping: The BOS sensor and its performance in Space 
  • 15:15 M. Kretschmar: Analysis of spectral irradiance observed by PREMOS: degradation and comparison with SODISM and various proxies 
  • 15:40 Coffee break
  • 15:55 G Thuillier: The Solar spectral irradiance at solar acivity minimum during the transition cycles 23 to 24: A contribution to the PICARD-Climate program 
  • 16:20 S Bekki: Impact of short-term solar variability on middle atmospheric ozone 
  • 16:45 S Couvidat: The Venus transit of 2012 observed by SDO/HMI 
  • 17:10 JP Rozelot: Solar metrology (diameter, limb shape, asphericity) 
  • 17:35 T Dudok de Wit: High resolution solar diameter measurements for PICARD 
  • 18:00 adjourn

Thursday 26th September

  • 09:00 W Schmutz: The future of PMOD/WRC TSI measurements 
  • 09:25 G Kopp: PICARD Contributions to the 35-Year Total Solar Irradiance Record 
  • 09:50 M. Meftah: SOVAP/PICARD, a space radiometer to measure the TSI 
  • 10:15 A Hauchecorne: Solar diameter determination during the June 2012 Venus transit 
  • 10:40 coffee break
  • 11:00 JY Prado/JP Barriot: Determination of the sun diameter from photometer measurements during the November 3, 2012 solar eclipse in North Australia 
  • 11:25 R Bush: Solar studies with HMI on SDO 
  • 11:50 R Ikhlef: PICARD sol: results after 28 months of observations 
  • 12:15 E Rozanov: the solar contribution to future climate and ozone layer changes
  • 12:40 Lunch break
  • 14:00 D. Salabert: Helioseismology with PICARD 
  • 14:25 A Irbah: Solar oblateness for SODISM observations 
  • 14:50 S Turck-Chièze: Prediction of different indicators of the PICARD mission 
  • 15:15 coffee break
  • 15:40 Round table on the scientific exploitation of PICARD data until the end of the mission and beyond and the future of solar observations from space and during astronomical phenomena
  • 17:00 adjourn