October 1, 2015

"Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods II" Symposium, September, 21 to 23, 2015

One year after the first meeting in Paris, the CNES, the LATMOS and the STCE organized the second edition of the meeting "Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods". It took place at the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels on Sepemtber 21 to 23 2015.

It intent was to review the recent progresses in the metrology and Sun's modelling fields, to analyze the possibilities, but also the limitations of the current ground- or space-based observation facilities, and to discuss the major challenges for future missions.

Presentations made during the Meeting:

Moday September 21

  • Dr. MEFTAH, Mustapha - Introduction 
  • Dr. DEWITTE, Steven - The RMIB space odissey: new frontiers 
  • Dr. SHAPIRO, Alexander - Can we use stellar photometric data to better understand solar variability? 
  • Dr. VERMA, VIRENDRA - On long-term behavior of North-South Asymmetry of Solar Phenomena 
  • Dr. SIGISMONDI, Costantino - 2016 transit of Mercury and the solar diameter: new opportunities after the Venus transits 
  • Dr. DAME, Luc - SUITS /SWUSV : A Solar - Terrestrial Space Weather & Climate Investigation 
  • Solspec Discussion

Mardi 22 septembre

  • Dr. DEWITTE, Steven - Total Solar Irradiance measurements over the last 30 years and reconstruction over the last 300 years 
  • Dr. HAUCHECORNE, Alain - Solar forcing of the Earth climate: the role of the middle atmosphere-troposphere coupling 
  • Dr. BUSH, Rock - Measurements of the Solar Oblateness during the SDO Mission 
  • Dr. LAMY, Philippe - Projet SOLIMB : métrologie du bord du soleil et détermination de son diamètre pendant les éclipses solaires 
  • Prof. EMILIO, MARCELO - Using HMI-SDO for limb seismology 
  • Dr. WAUTERS, Laurence - Mid-term Periodicities of the LYRA data spectrum 
  • Mr. DAMMASCH, Ingolf - Long-term variability of LYRA data 
  • Dr. DEWITTE, Steven - The value of the Solar Constant 
  • Dr. MEFTAH, Mustapha - Five Years of Solar Observation with PICARD  
  • Dr. CESSATEUR, Gaël - Solar Spectral Irradiance observations from the PICARD/PREMOS radiometer 
  • Metrology Discussion

Mercredi 23 septembre

  • Dr. BOLSÉE, David - The Solar Spectral Irradiance in the Near IR 
  • Dr. THUILLIER, Gerard - The 2008 Minimum Solar Spectral Irradiance from ISS SOLAR Spectrometers Measurements 
  • Dr. SHAPIRO, Alexander - The quest for understanding solar brightness variation. How can SOLSPEC contribute? 
  • Dr. BENMOUSSA, Ali - Space-based instrument developments for UV solar observations - detector technology - 
  • DOMINIQUE, Marie - Progress towards understanding the degradation affecting the PROBA2/LYRA instrument 
  • Dr. THUILLIER, Gerard - The SOLSPEC Spectrometers onboard the International Space Station 
  • Dr. HOCHEDEZ, Jean-François - Non-linearties in SODISM telescope 
  • Dr. MEFTAH, Mustapha - SERB, a nano-satellite dedicated to Sun-Earth relationship 
  • Dr. SARKISSIAN, Alain - Atmospheric Research and Monitoring with a SATellite (ARM-SAT) for Sun-Earth measurements 
  • Dr. LEFEVRE, Laure - The new and improved Sunspot Number SN 
  • Discussion