2 Octobre 2015

Colloque "Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods" du 7 au 9 octobre 2014

Le CNES et le LATMOS ont organisé un colloque "Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods" (Métrologie solaire, besoins et méthodes) qui s'est tenu du 7 au 9 octobre 2014 à Paris.

Le but de ce colloque était de faire se rencontrer les scientifiques travaillant en physique, métrologie et modélisation du soleil pour confronter les observations disponibles des paramètres solaires (irradiance totale et spectrale, diamètre et forme du soleil, héliosismologie, ...) des missions spatiales existantes (PICARD, SOHO, SDO) aux besoins des modèles solaires.

Agenda du colloque :

Mardi 7 octobre

14h20-15h30 : Data for Climate Science

Joanna HAIGH - Imperial College of London, UK : Solar spectral variability and the Earth's atmosphere 
Andrew SCHURER - The University of Edinburgh, UK : Detection and attribution of the role of solar and other forcings over the last millennium 
Sébastien BOSSAY - LATMOS-IPSL, France : Sensitivity of tropical stratospheric and mesospheric ozone to short term solar variability: observations vs chemistry climate model simulations 

16h-17h30 : Space Era Data vs Historical Records

Edouard BARD - CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence, France : Cosmogenic isotopes as proxies for the solar activity 
Mélanie BARONI - CEREGE, Université d'Aix-Marseille, France : The 10Be record recovered from an Antarctic ice core as a solar activity proxy: limitations and possibilities 
Frédéric CLETTE - Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Brussels : The new Sunspot Number: a full recalibration 
Matthieu KRETZSCHMAR - LPC2E, University of Orleans, France : Validation of solar spectral irradiance datasets 

Mercredi 8 octobre

9h00-10h30 : Solar Modelling

Paul CHARBONNEAU - University of Montreal, Canada : Deep-seated modulation of the quiet-sun irradiance by the solar magnetic cycle 
Cassandra BOLDUC - - University of Montreal, Canada : Modelling TSI with a Monte Carlo simulation of active region decay 
Jean-Pierre BARRIOT - Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti, French Polynesia : Comparative determinations of the solar diameter from light curves taken during the solar eclipses of November 13, 2012 and November 3, 2013 
Jean-Pierre ROZELOT - Planète Sciences Méditerranée, Grasse, France : Solar quadruple moment and relativistic gravitation contributions 

11h-12h30 : Solar Modelling: Tentative interpretation of the Data

Alexander SHAPIRO - PMOD/WRC, Davos Dorf, Switzerland : Variability of the solar irradiance: what we do and do not know 
Rosaria SIMONIELLO - CEA SAP, Gif-sur-Yvette, France : SOLar - Stellar - ICE (SOLSTICE) connection: understanding solar / stellar magnetic activity and its variability 
Jose Luis BALLESTER - University of Baleares, Spain : Solar Atmospheric metrology using prominence oscillations 
Anatoliy VUIETS - LPC2E, University of Orleans, France : An empirical approach to the modelling of the solar spectral irradiance in the UV 

14h-15h30 : Solar Irradiance: Tentative interpretation of the Data

Gérard THUILLIER - LATMOS CNRS, Guyancourt, France : Modelling the solar spectral irradiance 
David BOLSÉE - BIRA-IASB, Brussels, Belgium : SOLAR SOLSPEC on ISS: Solar Spectral Irradiance variability during the Solar Cycle 24 
Wilnelia ADAMS - PMOD/WRC, Davos Dorf, Switzerland : A new model of solar irradiance: reconstructing the past and forecasts into the future 
Steven DEWITTE - Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Brussels : Total solar irradiance measurements: quantification of the solar radiative forcing of the earth's climate from 30 years of observations from space 
Poster presentation

Jeudi 9 octobre

9h-12h50 : Recent Solar Missions

Greg KOPP - University of Colorado, USA : High "flux" of total solar irradiance missions 
Mustapha MEFTAH - LATMOS, France : Solar astrophysical fundamental parameters 
Sébastien COUVIDAT - Stanford University, USA : A brief review of 4+ years of SDO/HMI scientific results 
David SALABERT - CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France : Solar magnetic activity inferred by helioseismology: the weak solar cycle 24 
Marcelo EMILIO - Ponta Grossa State University, Brazil : Using 2012 Venus transit for solar metrology 
Rock BUSH - Stanford University, USA : The constant size and sharp of the sun 
Rabah IKHLEF - Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, Nice, France : Seeing measurements for ground based solar astrometry 
Jin QI - NSMC, Beijing, China : The new TSI observations from FY-3C Solar Irradiance Monitor 
Els JANSSEN - Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Brussels : Revision of the value of the solar constant and Sova-Picard TSI results 

14h-15h30 : Future Solar Missions

Sylvaine TURCK-CHIEZE - CEA, CE Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France : Why new space solar measurements and which? 
Alain HAUCHECORNE - CNRS, France : SERB, a nano-satellite to study the Sun and the Earth 
Luc DAME - LATMOS, Guyancourt, France : A UV telescope for space weather and solar variability studies (SUAVE) 
Erik RICHARD - LASP, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA : The future of solar spectral irradiance measurements from space: ISS TSIS and beyond 
Alain HAUCHECORNE, Steven DEWITTE, Paul CHARBONNEAU : Discussion on different points of the meeting

Poster Session

Grzegorz MICHALEK - Jagiellonian University, Poland : Dynamics of CMEs in the LASCO field of view
Hongrui WANG - Changchun Institute of Optics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China : Total Solar Irradiance Monitor on FY-3 satellites, instrument and space operations
Cyril BAZIN - IAP, Paris, France : Contribution of eclipse flash spectra for defining the true solar edge
Abdanour IRBAH - LATMOS, France : Thermal effects on solar images recorded in space
Zhenling YANG - Changchun Institute of Optics, Chinese Academy of Science, China : Experimental characterization and correction of nonequivalence of Solar Irradiance Absolute Radiometer
Jean-Pierre ROZELOT - Planète Sciences Méditerranée, Grasse, France : Wavelength dependence of the Solar Oblateness
Thierry CORBARD - Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, Nice, France : Solar internal flows from PICARD/SODISM and SDO/HMI helioseismic signal
Thierry CORBARD - Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, Nice, France : Astronomical refraction correction for ground-based full disk solar astrometry
Thierry DUDOK DE WIT - LPC2E, University of Orleans, France : Making of solar spectral irradiance composites out of multiple datasets
Thierry DUDOK DE WIT - LPC2E, University of Orleans, France : 60 years of solar radio proxies for characterizing the upper atmosphere
Alain HAUCHECORNE - CNRS, France : Revisiting the determination of solar oblateness from space observations using an optimization method
Micha SCHOLL - CNRS/LPC2E, University of Orleans, France : Can we find a long-term solar trend?
Margit HABERREITER - PMOD/WRC, Davos Dorf, Switzerland : FP7 SOLID - Latest advances from The First European Comprehensive SOLar Irradiance Data Exploitation (SOLID)